Commencement of the first all Gold Coast competition

The first fully-fledged Gold Coast based Australian Football competition commenced in 1964 and the Southport Magpies were to dominate. Labrador Tigers and the Surfers Paradise Demons took the leap from junior football to field senior teams against the established clubs of Southport and the renamed Palm Beach-Currumbin Lions.

Owen Park – A Home for the Magpies

Australian Football and the Southport AFC were to gain a tenuous and contested hold on Owen Park after a battle with Rugby League during the preseason. League had been strong on the Gold Coast pre World War II but by the early 1960s the sport had disappeared at senior level. Owen Park, part of the Southport Showground Complex, was the venue for a series of inter-service matches during World War II. It made a glorious return to Australian Football in 1964 and was to become an important part of the club and Gold Coast football’s history over the next 25 years.

1964 Premiership

With the club’s only two losses for the year coming against Palm Beach-Currumbin it was a surprise that eventual Grand Final opponents were to be the Surfers Paradise Demons. Harold Peacock led the Magpies to victory with Dave Burns and Ken Rodger in the best players. The Gold Coast Bulletin was to report:

Southport defeated Surfers Paradise in a very even game until the third quarter when the tactics of Southport’s captain (Harold Peacock) proved the turning point.

(Gold Coast Bulletin August 28, 1964, p.39)