Southport AFC establish a home at the Pacific Hotel

During the season club supporters Roy Rudd and Ken Foster, under the leadership of Leo Busch, had been busy in negotiations with Patron and Pacific Hotel publican Rueben Pelerman over the establishment of clubrooms for the Magpies at the hotel. Amongst great fan fare the first Southport Australian Football Club “clubhouse” was finally opened in late 1972 (Click here for photo). Much voluntary work was undertaken in preparations for the opening with many club members contributing voluntary time to its establishment. A fine example was the life-sized mural featuring a Dave Burns mark painted by Don Brown, a member of the first ever Magpies team (Click here for photo).

The South Queensland Championships are run and won on the Gold Coast

A highlight of the season was the holding of the South Queensland Country Championships on the Coast. The Gold Coast were successful taking out the Roly Daniels Shield from the Darling Downs, South Queensland and the Sunshine Coast (Click here to read article).

Magpie administrators stand firm

Southport Magpies were embroiled in controversy before a ball was kicked in 1972. 1971 Captain Coach Des Collins was on the move as yet another Magpie coach was being poached. President Leo Busch stood firm placing a record transfer fee of $250 on Collins’ head. (Click here to read article). Eventually the transfer fee was paid and Busch and his committee were vindicated. Southport AFC, with Leo Busch, Carl Tasker and Col Munro at the helm, were the main protagonists in the initiation of a GCAFL player insurance scheme that was a major step forward for the code that season.